The best thing in the known universe and other places, too.*

Do you have what it takes to be an exaggerator?

Do you have political contacts at high levels in a wealthy country on Planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy of the known universe? Maybe not. But you probably have something else to contribute.

You need to want to help people who live without adequate medical care, fresh water and, too often, hope.

You need perseverence.

You need a sense of humor. Really.

You may want to travel to wretched places to help.

You need your own resources, or access to resources.

If you have all these things, consider joining us.

Some people need a little help. You may be able to provide it.
We are in the Washington, D.C., area but we are working on projects in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

We have no office, no officers, no formal organization. We are an informal group with a commitment to help people by combining the resources of charities with the products and services of innovative businesses.

Some of our exaggerators come from the USA, some from Russia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Colombia, Ecuador, Republic of Congo, Bulgaria, France, Kenya, Nigeria, India, etc.

Your location does not matter. Your ability and desire to help people does.
We are not a charity.

We work with charities. We work with profit-making companies.

We work with anyone who will help us achieve our goals.

We work through the tough parts of breaking down bureaucratic resistance to needed solutions for unhealthy conditions.

We work with organizations, charities and companies that have the unique ability to combine charitable and profit-making goals to serve people.

Please realize that bringing people medical care and clean water can threaten a country's leaders. Some beneficiaries of our work will wonder why their leaders haven't provided this before.

Before contacting us, please understand that we are all volunteers. We have no paid staff. No one gets a paycheck.

If you have an idea, service or product that you believe can help deserving people, and you want to discuss it with us or have us evaluate it, please understand that we get hundreds - yes, hundreds - of requests to meet or to evaluate products, services and ideas.

We are happy to do so,  but we must charge a "consulting fee" or we will never have time to do what we do best - which is getting through the red tape, and matching funding sources with needs and solutions so we can deliver potentially life-saving products and services to people in distress.

If you have a project, or a location that needs our services, please email us. We can't do everything but we can do some things - and we do.

Please email us. We will be in touch!
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You can help someone - and that is no exaggeration!
Web site design by two boys from Kenya.
*Comment (translated into English) from a 14 year old girl in South Sudan when she and her family shared their first            drink of safe, clear water.
  A happy child may be excused for exaggerating. We took our name from her moment of joy.
  We are much more modest about what we do. We just do it and move on to the next challenge.